Other Cushion Products

Our products is made of NASA contriving material (high density visco-elastic polyurethane foam with an open cell structure). The purpose of inventing this kind of raw material is to release the huge pressure and centrifugal force of the spaceman when travel in the space.

According to the medical report and computerised graphic solution, our products' material provides the unique relax characteristic. It can spread evenly to provide the formation of pressure concentration point. Therefore, it can help to remove the headache, neck ache, spine ache as well as the backache. In other words, it can relieve our stress-related problems and reduce the insomnia. 

Sleeping standard thus can be greatly improved.

Our product material is sensitive to temperature changes. When temperature rises, it will become soft and vice versa. When our products are heated by the human temperature, the surface particles will be softened. These softened particles thus can mold to your body shape and release the pressure evenly. When human body leaves our products, the material will be recovered to its original condition. When it becomes softened abnormally, please check whether it is put under sunlight or being cover for long period.

Due to the speciality of our materials as compare with traditional pillow and mattress, acclimatisation time is needed according to different people. Normal acclimatisation period is around 2 days to 2 weeks.